White dragons

Can the heroes escape an attack by 4 young white dragons?

Information Gathering: White dragons eager to prove themselves, have been bringing back victims, prisoners, and the like; they are also belligerent and bull-headed, a common flaw in white dragons, so they don’t show a great deal of subtlety or finesse.

Challenge: They stay mobile, using bite attacks and moving about, rarely committing to a full attack. When possible, they unleash a stream of cold at their targets.

Source(s) of Conflict: If the dragons withdraw the remaining ones return in a half hour. They repeat this string of attacks for as long as they can.

Celebration: If one white dragon is killed or incapacitated, the others withdraw,.

Failure: If the heroes are defeated they are captured and taken to Feal-Thas’s castle for questioning and execution.

Icewall Glacier

White dragons

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