The White Bear

Can the heroes rescue a bear from evil hunters?

Information Gathering: Savage combat from behind a large block of ice just ahead of the party. Snarls, growls, battle cries, and screams of pain all indicate that a titanic struggle is taking place.
Many ropes bound to its limbs, a polar bear struggles and roars. Holding the ends of the ropes are six minotaurs! A pair of massive horns curves forward from the head of each individual, and flaring bovine nostrils spout frosty breath. One runs forward and thrusts a spear into the bear’s flank, producing bellows of pain from the bear and peals of bestial laughter from his comrades.

Challenge: The minotaurs act with bravado and ferocity, they position themselves between the bear and their new opponents. As soon as fewer than three minotaurs are holding the bear, it wrenches free of its bonds and attacks the remaining monsters. If the minotaurs are driven off, the bear is wary of the heroes but not hostile or frightened (attitude of Indifferent).

Source(s) of Conflict: 6 minotaurs want to hunt and eat this bear, so 3 will always try to maintain a hold on the bear. There is a 15% chance that a Snow-covered crevasse is on the battlemap.

Celebration: If the heroes make friendly advances towards the white bear, either by feeding or healing it, they may make a Persuasion check (at disadvantage because the bear is an animal) or Animal Handling check, to change the animal’s attitude. Magical healing will give advantage to the hero making the check. From this point on, the white bear will remain with the heroes so long as they remain on the glacier.
The bear will provide valuable assistance in crossing the treacherous glacier. Whenever a snow-covered crevasse is encountered, the white bear will stop and grunt a warning. The bear’s senses are acute and it will warn the heroes if any threats are approaching. The minotaurs are carrying 94 sp – their monthly stipend.

Failure: The minotaurs will take the bear hide right on the ice and then take the heroes to Feal-Thas for questioning and execution.

Icewall Glacier

The White Bear

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