Thanoi Raiders

Can the heroes avoid or defeat a group of Thanoi on the hunt?

Information Gathering: Half walrus, half man around 8 feet tall when straight, but walk with a hunched back and bent knees. They have tusks that reach 2 feet in length, backed by rows of blunt teeth that strong enough to crush bone and shell. Thanoi possess clawed feet that look quite fierce but are in actuality used merely for traction. The walrus-folk posses a thick, blubbery hide well suited for their environment. This is a raiding party from Feal-Thas on the way to an Ice Folk camp. If this encounter is generated before the third day of travel on Icewall Glacier, reroll on the table.

Challenge: The thanoi target the largest and strongest looking opponents, unless one of the heroes reveals himself to be a spellcaster, in which case the raiders direct most of their attention on finishing him off.

Source(s) of Conflict: 6 Thanoi Warriors on a raiding party. There is 15% chance of Snow-covered crevasse being in the battle field.

Celebration: Describe their blubber oozing goo all over the ice, mixing with blood.

Failure: If the heroes are defeated they are taken to Feal-Thas for questioning and then execution.

Icewall Glacier

Thanoi Raiders

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