Can the heroes avoid becoming lunch for a group of Remorhaz?

Information Gathering:
1d6 Remorhaz in a cloud of steam, their body pulsing with internal fire bursts from beneath the snow and ice one at a time. Winglike fins flare from the back of the creature’s head, and its wide mouth brims with jagged teeth. The Remorhaz have burrowed deep below the snow and ice and are laying in wait for the faint vibrations created by a creature moving above. While hidden under the ice and snow, they lower its body temperature so that they don’t melt their cover.

Challenge: The heroes will need to get past the Remorhaz who are trying to swallow them whole. A DC 15 active perception check will keep the heroes from being surprised. A DC 15 nature check will give any hero who thinks something hides in the ice to know where to look.

Source(s) of Conflict: The Remorhaz are extremely hungry, and if the heroes fight for some time, more will show up every other round. The ground has a 15% chance of a Snow-covered crevasse in the direction the heroes run, to keep the heroes from easily escaping.

Celebration: The monsters either crawl away to go back to their nests, or they die in a horrible melting pile as their flames start dying out.

Failure: The heroes are regurgitated with 1 HP 1d4 hours later in the nests, to be gnawed on by young Remorhaz.

Icewall Glacier


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