Icewall Glacier

Features of Icewall Glacier

  • The edge of the glacier, rises up away from the Plains of Dust at an angle and is relatively easy to walk out onto.
  • Huge blocks of ice rise from the glacier surface, and occasionally large snowdrifts swell from the ground.
  • No birds fly over, and no animal life can be seen on the surface of the ice.
  • Only the wind, strong and unceasing, lends movement to your surroundings.
  • The Ice Folk – Barbarians
  • the Thanoi – Ice Folk Rivals (for precious resources)


  • Over 95% of the surface is an ice sheet, which is slippery and easy to lose one’s footing upon.
  • Overland travel and tactical encounters are on difficult terrain
  • The only reliable methods of travel across the ice sheet are the iceboats of the Ice Folk or the polar bear- drawn sleds of the thanoi.
  • snow drifts and chunks of superhardened ice litter the landscape. These terrain types are difficult terrain, even for iceboats, although thanoi sleds treat these as regular terrain.
  • middle of the day temperature
  • nighttime hour temperature

Random Encounters

Check for an encounter every 6 hours; the chance of an encounter is 15%, with an encounter distance of 6d6x30 feet.
Snow-covered crevasse
Thanoi Raiders
White dragons
Frost worm

Places to Visit

Ice Mountain Bay
Peat Mines
Icewall Castle

Things that Happen

The White Bear – At the end of the first day of travel
Iceboat Wreckage – Late afternoon third day of travel
Winter’s Rage
A Mysterious Sail
Icefolk Camp

Icewall Glacier

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