Icewall Castle


Rising from the ragged expanse of the glacier, the Icewall is a ridge that runs hundreds of miles east to west. It looms over the rest of the glacier like a storm cloud. Atop the Icewall is the castle that bears its name; assuming the heroes have approached with a guide or with directions from the Ice Folk or by referring to their map, the castle itself will be in their vicinity. Refer to the Icewall Castle section on page 36 for more details on the Icewall.
This is the final destination for this chapter and the stronghold of White Dragon Highlord Feal-Thas. Refer to the Icewall Castle section on page 36 for more details on Icewall Castle.


Sitting astride the massif of the Icewall, Icewall Castle is ideally situated to command the southern portion of the glacier. At one time a normal stone castle, high up on a rocky promontory of an island in the seas south of Tarsis, the castle evolved into its present state following the Cataclysm and subsequent glaciation of the region.
The remainder of the action in this chapter takes place
at Icewall Castle and in the dungeons beneath it. Once
the heroes have climbed the Icewall itself and negotiated
its dangers, they can explore the castle, wherein they will encounter Feal-Thas’s forces. If they are fortunate, they will also recover the fabled dragon orb that they read about in the Library of Khrystann.

Icewall Glacier

Icewall Castle

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