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Although the Ice Folk are nomadic, they often settle in
one place for nearly a year, until the fish supply in nearby waterpools reaches dangerously low levels. At this point the settlement is broken down and the whole tribe moves on to a new location. The camp that the Ice Folk are using at the time of this adventure is described below. The biggest event of this section is a battle with the White Dragonarmy, a battle the heroes may have a chance to take part in.

Getting There

The easiest way to reach the camp is by iceboat. It is possible to reach it by traversing the glacier, although the weather conditions are typically poor. Harald’s crew knows the way to the camp by heart; there is no need to spend too much time on the journey itself other than what is detailed below under The Ride.

If the heroes have agreed to go with Harald and the Ice Folk, they climb about his ship and set sail for the camp. Read or paraphrase the following to describe the journey:
The Icedrake’s deck is much like that of any sea-going vessel. Solid wooden planks underfoot, and a bewildering array of ropes, winches, and canvas overhead. The harsh voice of Harald Haakan calls orders to the men who rush about in purposeful chaos.
Suddenly, the canvas snaps taut in the gentle breeze, and the smooth wooden runners begin to hiss across the surface of the glacier. Almost imperceptibly at first, the heavy vessel reacts to the wind. Speed is gained quickly, and in minutes the ship is moving faster than a man can run. Now more orders issue from the bearded captain, and the vessel begins the long, sweeping turn to the southeast, sending showers of ice and snow curving through the air.
The ship steadies on course with the wind full in her sails. The hiss of the runners drops to a dull whisper as the iceboat seems to fly across the glacier.
Once the Icedrake reaches the camp, proceed to Things That Happen in the Ice Folk Camp for more details about their stay.

The camp is situated just south of a huge crevasse, 12 miles long and 400 feet wide. Six hundred feet below the surface
of the glacier the crevasse narrows to a dark crack that leads to a subglacial stream of icy water. The Ice Folk erected the primitive snowfence to the south of their camp, creating a sea of soft snow varying in depth from 10 to 20 feet.
To the east lies a gentle downslope of glare ice, nearly a mile long. With just the slightest breath of wind, an iceboat can work up enough speed over this smooth run to race out onto the glacier within a few minutes of leaving the harbor.
The camp is only vulnerable to attack from the east or west, and Harald has plans for both eventualities. Should an attack come from the east, his people will board their boats and sail directly at the attackers. Should the assault come from the west, the camp proper will be abandoned and the warriors will make a stand on the harbor wall.
The following locations are marked on the Ice Folk Camp map:

A wall of ice surrounds three sides of this large enclosure. The fourth side is open to the glacier, the ice sloping downward
in that direction. Four iceboats are at rest here; when Harald’s vessel the Icedrake returns to the camp, it is berthed here also. The wall serves as a windbreak for the iceboats when they
are in the harbor. Without this shelter, the ships would be destroyed by the frequent storms that sweep the glacier.
The wall surrounding the harbor is 10 feet high and of equal thickness. Because the wall is slippery and difficult to climb, wooden ladders are placed on either side to allow travel between the camp and the iceboats.
Harbor Wall: 10 ft. thick; hardness 5, hp 65 per 10 ft. section, Break DC 35, Climb DC 24.

Icewall Glacier

Icefolk Camp

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