Ice Mountain Bay

Here, the glacier ends in a high cliff of ice overlooking the expanse of the bay below. When the heroes approach the cliff, they realize they are nearing the water; the wind grows warmer and seabirds are sighted once they are within 5 miles of the cliff edge. Read or paraphrase the following upon arrival:
Asheer drop of three hundred feet ends in a glazed sheet of ice. The sheet is several hundred yards wide and forms a band along the base of the cliff. The ice is cracked and broken on the side away from the cliff, with open water visible between the cracks.
Beyond the band of ice, clean blue water sparkles with reflected sunlight. Great icebergs tower above the waves, moving about the vast bay in dignified silence. Now and then the back of a porpoise or whale breaks the surface of the cool water as the creature swims along exuberantly.
The most unusual features of the view are the ships trapped in the ice near the water’s edge. From the cli

op, at least a dozen ships can be seen, captured by the greedy ice and locked in its frozen embrace. Although most of the vessels look splintered and ruined, a few seem to be in pretty good shape.

The Situation: Climbing down to the ice sheet at the water’s edge is not difficult (Climb DC 10, no check necessary if ropes and climbing gear are used). Breaking one of the boats free of the ice takes 2d6 days, and at the end of this time the heroes will have a small yet seaworthy vessel. For more information, refer to Ice Mountain Bay, at the end of this chapter (page 46).

Icewall Glacier

Ice Mountain Bay

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