Frost worm

Can the heroes escape a Frost worm attack?

Information Gathering: A frost worm constantly burrowing below the ice is looking to surface and blindly eat whatever it can get to on the surface.

Challenge: The Frostworm tries to trill its opponents first and then eats whoever is stunned. Once the worm has lowered the hero to negative its total hp, the worm will have eaten the hero, and will leave.

Source(s) of Conflict: A frost worm, there is a 15% chance that Snow-covered crevasse is on the battlemap somewhere.

Celebration: Describe the half eaten remains of ice folk and thanoi spilling out onto the ice.

Failure: The frost worm will fight until its eaten, if the heroes don’t beat it, one hero will be killed at least.

Icewall Glacier

Frost worm

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