Winter's Rage

Can the heroes survive for several days in a blizzard?

Information Gathering: The wind is a scream. The cold causes beards to grow frosty and eyelashes, become frozen shut and are hard to reopen.
Sometime after midnight, snow begins to fall. Stinging needles seem to strike every bit of exposed flesh, and even several layers of clothing do little to conserve body heat.

Challenge: If the heroes spend the night in the wreck of the iceboat, the experience will be miserable but not life threatening. If they left the ship and are simply camping on the glacier, however, each character is exposed to even more severe cold conditions. Without proper furs or winter weather clothing, a character will take 1d6 points of nonlethal damage per minute without a saving throw. Furs allow a DC 10 Constitution Saving Throw and reduce the damage to once every 10 minutes. Any kind of proper shelter from the snow and wind will elevate matters back to simple cold conditions.
The storm lasts for 4 days. If the heroes did not remain in the wreck, they are exposed to the severe cold conditions even during the daylight hours, their visibility drops to Heavily Obscured. Once the heroes are 600 feet from the iceboat, it takes a DC 20 Survival check to find it again. If they can’t, they are lost(DMG page 111) in the blizzard.

Source(s) of Conflict: The cold harsh storm of the Glacier.

Celebration: Once four days in the boat passes by, the heroes will be rescued by a band of new arrivals. Go directly to A Mysterious Sail

Failure: A hero at 0 HP falls into a incapacitated state, until they can be brought back from it. Go directly to A Mysterious Sail

Icewall Glacier

Winter's Rage

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