White wing attack

Will the heroes save the village from a dragon army attack?

Information Gathering: Two groups of bad guys are attacking the city to rape and pillage. They are under the orders of Feal Thas. The two groups are enemies of each other.

Challenge: The Baaz split into groups of 3 and attack weakest first. Minotaurs will attack in pairs against the strongest first.

Source of Conflict: 10 Baaz draconians and 10 minotaurs. If the heroes confront them right away they face all 20, if they wait for 10 minutes the two groups will spilt up into two.

Celebration: Four sets of cured furs will be given to the heroes at no cost; each is sufficient to protect one Medium humanoid.
If the heroes aided the people of Zeriak against the White Wing mercenaries, they will send along a guide to show them the correct path to Icewall Glacier. The edge of the glacier is at least 10 miles south of Zeriak, without a road or any other trail to follow, so a guide will certainly be of great help.

Failure: The heroes will be captured and taken to Feal Thas castle to await their fate.

The Plains of Dust

White wing attack

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