Snow-covered crevasse

Can the heroes keep from falling into the crevasse?

Information Gathering: A crevasse that is 2d10 x 10 feet deep and 2d10+60 feet long is wide enough for a creature of Gargantuan size or smaller to fall in. The crevasse is covered in snow and creatures of size Tiny or greater will cause the snow covering to break. A DC 10 Survival check will detect a crevasse if the creature is walking at a standard pace, but any faster movement prevents detection.

Challenge: The heroes must try to get to the edge or they fall in, DC 20 Dexterity saving throw. The heroes may rope themselves together to prevent accidental breaks or falls, but this slows movement to two thirds.

Source(s) of Conflict: The crevasse is blocking the heroes from getting to their destination.

Celebration: A successful save indicates the creature is prone at the edge of the crevasse.

Failure: If a character falls into a crevasse those attached to him by the rope may each make Strength checks (DC 15 plus or minus the character’s Size modifier). If either or both succeed in the Strength check, the fall is stopped. If both fail, the next characters in line towards the front and back of the rope may make a check (with a +2 cumulative bonus to the DC of the check). This continues until one of the roped characters succeeds at the Strength check, in which case nobody falls, or all characters fail their Strength check, in which case everybody falls.

Icewall Glacier

Snow-covered crevasse

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