Iceboat Wreckage

Can the heroes find shelter for the night, even though the only safe place is filled with Thanoi warriors?

Information Gathering: An unusual shape is visible ahead. Covered by frost and drifting snow, it vaguely resembles a ship. A splintered mast rises at an angle from the wreck, and a wooden hull is visible in several places. Two long pieces of wood lie nearby. They are as long as the mast, and have sharply bent ends and large brackets bolted to their sides.
The crew had completed a peat-gathering expedition and were sailing back to the camp of Harald’s Ice Folk when they struck an ambush prepared by the savage thanoi, or walrus-men, that prowl the glacier. The ship was wrecked in the crash, and the thanoi had no trouble disposing of the disoriented and injured crew. Now five of the monsters are concealed in the boat, waiting to ambush any would-be rescuers.

Challenge: The champion prefers to always engages with the biggest and strongest looking hero, while the others close in with whoever is nearest to them.

Source(s) of Conflict: 4 Thanoi Warriors and 1 Thanoi Warrior with max HP, all would like to have a bit of fun killing any Ice folk who come to rescue the ship. There is a 15% chance a Snow-covered crevasse is on the battlefield somewhere.

Celebration: The Thanoi will run if it looks like the battle is not going their way. If the heroes examine the iceboat, a DC 20 Investigation check will inform them of its purpose—the long strips of wood are runners, and the boat sails across the ice much like an ice skate. Although the hull of the vessel is solid, it does not appear to be watertight. The interior of the vessel has crew quarters, an iron stove (wrecked), and a wardrobe. Sufficient furs for five people are found onboard. A DC 10 Survival check will knowl that the wreck can provide decent shelter for the night. The sky is fast becoming dark and cloudy.

Failure: The Thanoi take the heroes to Feal-Thas for questioning and execution.

Either Way: Winter’s Rage

Icewall Glacier

Iceboat Wreckage

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