Harald Haakan

Leader of the Ice Folk


Harald Haakan relates the following counsel once the heroes have discussed the current situation in the north, in Solamnia, and in all parts of Krynn threatened by the Dragon Highlords. He stands and addresses them all in his deep and booming voice.
“Mayhap I can aid you in a search for this Sancrist Isle, but you’ll need luck and courage to follow this route. Give me a look at your map…
Here, in Icemountain Bay, there be a sight that has intrigued me for years. In the ice around the shore are dozens of ships, large and small, caught by the might of the Cataclysm before they could make open sea. As the land rose and the seas washed away, the ships becam stranded on dry land and then locked in ice as the glacier expanded.
To be sure, many of them are smashed and worthless now; even more are so solidly cloaked in ice that it would take years to free them. The waters have come back some, though, and a few of these ships are in fair shape, not too far from the water’s edge.
What damage the hulls have suffered in over 300 winters is unknown to me, for I have never climbed down the icy cliff that separates the glacier from the sea. If you care to make the climb, and if you’re lucky enough to find a good ship, and if you have something to make a sail, and if the gods smile on you—then maybe you could sail from Icemountain Bay to this Sancrist place.”


Harald Haakan

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