The Plains of Dust


Bitterly cold with heavy snowfall.
The winds feed blizzards and whipping snow.
For the purposes of this adventure, the temperature on the Plains is only of concern to the heroes at night (clue).

d20 Temperature

1-14 Normal for the season
15-17 1d4 x 10 degrees Fahrenheit colder than normal
18-20 1d4 x 10 degrees Fahrenheit hotter than normal

d20 Wind

1-12 None
13-17 Light
18-20 Strong

d20 Precipitation

1-12 None
13-17 Light rain or light snowfall
18-20 Heavy rain or heavy snowfall


Sparse vegetation.
The plains fruit grows out of the brush.
If the party runs out of food and/or water Surviving the Plains.

Random Encounters

25% chance – every 6 hours
1-15: Scorpion colony
16-30: Troll Hunter
31-65: Blue Wing kapaks
66-80: Griffon Flight
81-100: Blue dragon scout

Places to Visit

On the road to Bazin
Kidorans Citidal
Tower of Tears

The Plains of Dust

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