Stonecrop is technically first mate. This position would normally mean that he is second in command, taking over in Tobart’s absence. Of course, the golem cannot make an independent decision, so Tobart remains sole authority on the ship.

Tobart/Shazogrox “liberated” Stone- crop and another golem from the Sa- zaur ruins. The other golem is hidden below deck, but Tobart has dressed this construct as a human, hoping to fool his PC recruits into thinking the golem is a big, quiet man. Tobart keeps this creature around for extra muscle. The creature is totally reliable, for it only answers to Tobart.
Stonecrop appears to be a huge man, dressed in full plate that has been dark- ened to an uneven greyish-black color. He wears a heavy cloak of undyed wool over all, with the hood down. He carries a heavy mace and wears a kite shield strapped to his back.
Any character who comes into close contact with the immense bodyguard can make an Intelligence check. If suc- cessful, the character smells a faint, peculiar odor not unlike dead flesh.
If someone discovers that the strong but silent Stonecrop is actually a lum- bering mass of reanimated tissue, To- bart tries to fake his way out of it by acting as suprised as everyone else— not the best plan, but sometimes one must improvise.
In combat, treat Stonecrop as a standard flesh golem, except that it is AC 1 (full plate armor). It never uses the mace; the weapon is just there for show. In a fight, the golem charges in unarmed, but far from defenseless!



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