Skraal, formerly a rat, is quartermas- ter, charged with looking after ship’s supplies, save the food rations kept in the secure hold. Tobart has the only key to this hold.

This ex-rat made the mistake of nib-
bling the wrong pack. But once the ini- tial shock passed, the new human delighted in his enhanced stature. This slight, wiry man is gaunt to the point of sickliness. Two beady eyes peer out from a narrow face adorned with a long, straggly mustache. He wears well-tended clothes of soft leather, with a hardened jerkin for protection. Most of this is obscured by a voluminous cloak of frayed grey-silver silk.
Skraal is a sneaky, avaricious, cra- ven scoundrel whose ways have changed little since his transforma- tion. A cunning thief, he desires only to add “sparklies” to his collection. He is not concerned where or how he gets them.



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